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Virtual, 5 K + industry Participants , 72 hours , 100+ speakers 

Sponsored Engagement Opportunities

Why Sponsor ?

Relevant in New Normal

Show that your brand is at the fore front of Digital adaptability  – And you can v vnable success for your clients in this new normal.

Wider And Deeper Reach

Connect with the  largest gathering of L&D professionals (5K+) in India. establish deep connections with the audience through partner sessions.

Better ROI

Better ROI, grab visibility and connections at pennies compared to offline conferences/magazine advertisements. this one beats everything hands down!

Modalities of Engagement


Early Adopter  Discount 

​Choose your Modality

Stage Area

​Deep Connect


​Expo Area

​Keynote Presentation

​20 min presentation on topic of interest for general L&D Audience – Content Focused

# Expert positioning#No Pitching# Widest reach

​Case Study Presentation

​30 min Showcase a case study explaining the Methodology and results.

# ​Expert positioning#​Attract interested customers.

​Web Interview

​Conversational style interview over video conference.

​# ​Influencer

Stage Area

​Deep Connect


​Expo Area


​Teach something of value to participants

# ​Expert Teacher positioning

#​Lead gen for your course

​Partners Masterclass

​Explain your Service Methodology, Product demonstration

# ​​Prospect Conversions


​Create A theme-based Interactive room for

# ​​Expert positioning #Unplugged

​Challenge Coach

​Throw a challenge, Become a Judge

​# ​​​Expert positioning#Develop high octane rapport with audience

Stage Area

​Deep Connect


​Expo Area

​Moderate a Panel

​Facilitate a discussion with Panel of experts

# ​Networking

​Be on speaker panel

​Share your view on the panel with other speakers

# ​​​Networking

Stage Area

​Deep Connect


​Expo Area

​Virtual Booth & Breakout rooms

​Meet prospective buyers, have live discussion, funnel prospects to a breakout room.

​# ​​Conversion Visibility

Expo Area

Dedicated Virtual Booth in Expo Area- 

Run a video of your products or simply be live,  be available to take questions /interact with visitors

Breakout Rooms

Funnel your interested visitors to breakout rooms , a more private space for further discussion.

Partner Masterclass

Share the wonders of your science and methodology or simple do a product demonstration, will be featured in the partner masterclass category.

Panel Discussions

Round table Host- Invite your prospects for a theme-based discussion.

Moderate a Panel Discussion