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Speaking Modalities 

Please see the speaking modalities , there could be more than one you would like to participate in. 

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Key Note Presentation 

Present original Perceptive, Research or a Concept or a Thought Provoking Case 

30 min Power point presentation webinar style to Followed by Interactive discussion 

#Thought Leadership

Case Study Presentation 

Share your experience of a project in 30 mins, invite others as speakers, Get Wide spread Accolade your work deserves.

30 min format.,

# Showcase Achievement # Establish your Brand 

Web Interview  

Get Face to Face on a live web meeting platform and answer questions and share perspective in a conversational style 

30 min format.,

# Live Interaction

# Influencer

Challenge Coach 

Throw a Challenge that builds Skill and Acumen Provide Constructive Feedback to People who submit their work for your review.

1+  hour format.,

# ​Build Clarity and Direction # Feedback and Critique

Talent Connect 

Looking for talent, Invite Prospects to come for a face to face discussion.

Custom format.,

# ​Build Clarity and Direction # Feedback and Critique

Panel Discussion 

Share thoughts with other leaders in theme based panel, Discuss, collaborate, curate and create valuable insights for participants. 

1  hour format.,

# Networking # Group Discussion 

Theme Moderator

Lead a Panel of Experts as a Moderator , Cue the Panelist , Manage the Discussion and Build Clarity & Contrast.

1  hour format.,

# Networking# Facilitation 


Facilitate Live Virtual Workshop and teach something of value New   provide hands on coaching and guidance.

2 hrs-5 hours format. Live

# Establish Deep Expertise# Coaching 


Lead a discussion room as an expert Provide strategic insights and advise on key theme based challenges, 

1 + hour format., Live

# Establish Deep Expertise# Help solve real Challenges 

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