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Speaker Checklist 

  • One Slider on your professional achievements career highlights,
  • One slider on summary and key takeaways (Articulate the topic of your session in terms of benefits for the audience – what are you going to cover and key skills participants are likely to acquire)
  • 1  min video into to your session : you can use this link and click on Reply with video button to record your video. https://learn-tech.dubb.com/v/EYxOCp, please see some videos created by other speakers on home page of summit.
  • Please think about the Giveaway Bonus documents you would like to give the participants- (Cheat sheet-Checklist- DIY-Info graphic –Book-PDF)

Consider Live interactive modalities 

Challenge Coach

Throw a Challenge that builds Skill and Acumen Provide Constructive Feedback to People who submit their work for your review.

1+ hour format

# Build Clarity and Direction # Feedback and Critique

Panel Discussion

Share thoughts with other leaders in theme based panel, Discuss, collaborate, curate and create valuable insights for participants.

1 hour format

# Networking# Group Discussion

Theme Moderator 

Lead a Panel of Experts as a Moderator , Cue the Panelist , Manage the Discussion and Build Clarity & Contrast.

1 hour format

# Networking# Facilitation


Facilitate Live Virtual Workshop and teach something of value New provide hands on coaching and guidance.

2 hrs-5 hours format. Live

# Build Clarity and Direction # Feedback and Critique


Lead a discussion room as an expert Provide strategic insights and advise on key theme based challenges

1 + hour format., Live

# Establish Deep Expertise# Help solve real Challenges

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Break​out Themes

Learning in Social Distancing 

The New Future of L&D Function 

New Trends in Learning

Leadership & Coaching 

Future of Content

Data Analytics in L&D

Optimizing Digital Learning

Learning Technology

Learning in Social Distancing

The future has come without knocking !!

See how learning leaders made the most of the lock down and planning for the future of work with social distancing .

Future of L&D Function

Ideas to improve the efficacy, leadership, efficiency of the L&D function  

  • Digital Transformation
  • New Metrics for Learning Function
  • How to align organization to learning
  • Enable training processes through AI
  • Support Ecosystem for L&D
  • How to Audit your L&D
  • Digital Transformation in L&D making it less people dependent
  • Skill Matrix and mapping to Learning roadmap.
  • Branding positioning and promoting your programs
  • ROI, training effectiveness, measurement.

Business Partnerships

  • How to create solid partnerships with business as a Training Function
  • 5 things you can do quickly and easily make your business go wow Stakeholder influencing
  • Creating road map of L&D aligned to business objectives

Upskilling HR/training

Understanding and application of existing and new technology AI, ML,IOT,AR/VR, Chatbot, Gamification and simulations, LMS

New Trends in Learning

New Age Content Development  

  • Setting up internal content labs
  • Content Engagement
  • Learning events to experiences
  • In house capability development
  • Agile way of content development
  • Creating Vs curating
  • In house capability development
  • Vercanularization of content using technology

Future of Learning

  • Learning in the flow of work
  • Adaptive learning
  • Self-directed Learning
  • Social Learning – enabling and measuring
  • Leadership Journey
  • Personalization of Learning
  • Business objectives to role mapping
  • Accelerated learning paths
  • Blended Learning
  • Coaching culture – on demand virtual
  • Learning experience platform

Leadership Development

Building EQ enabling leadership with mindfullness and emotional competence

  • How to ensure diversity in your organization
  • Calculating a Diversity quotient in the organization
  • Personal aspirational growth and organization plans
  • High potential development

Data Analytics in L&D

Optimizing Digital Learning

Tools /concepts /Ideas that help leverage digital learning more effectively.

Digital Learning Maturity Journey

Optimizing digital learning

Digital Learning new frontiers /Concepts and Ideas and practices.

Learning Technology

Latest in Technology enabled learning 


Latest in Technology enabled learning