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How to Write your Speaking Proposal.

Tips on How to Write your Speaking Proposal.

  1. You can Choose multiple modalities  for Engaging with your audience, Check out this link https://learningdesignsummit.com/speaker-modalities-v2/
  2. fill out different forms for different sessions , say you are doing a keynote .and a masterclass , then fill out one form for keynote and one for Masterclass.
  3. Tips on writing your title for your session
  4. Tips on writing Title Description.

Who is it for – Use Ego Label – L&D Change Leader, Instruction Designer, L&D Manager, Etc.

What can they Expect to receive from this session  – Key Takeaways

What specific mindset/challenge/ will you help solve with your session

Mention any Giveaway they will receive like

  • Powerpoint / PDF
  • Chapters from your book ,
  • Any template , Working document
  • Coupon to get discount on your book etc.

Tips on writing your title for your session

The talk title is the first part that your audience will read, and an attention-grabbing title is your chance to enter your  audience’s mind. The following tips will help you create great headlines to capture the reader’s attention and help you seize their interest for the upcoming event.  Let’s make a start! 1.

Follow the 4 U’s Rule

 Your title should be a call for attention for customers, and there is a basic rule of writing attention-drawing headlines.

  • Useful– Every prospect has questions that are looking for answers, reflect those answers, benefits, and advantages in the headline. How to/ will/ what – help the reader to relieve a problem. Try answering a question or providing a solution in your headline. Show what primary takeaways can participants hope to receive from this interaction.
  • Make the headline Unique – Anytime you encounter an appealing title while browsing, modify it, and make it unique as per your target audience. A clever alteration and tweak can bring a significant impact on the quality of the title. In a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, the click rate can be increased by 9 percent with a hyphen or colon in the headline.
  • Be Ultra specific– Use the words that define the topic of the talk in your title. Avoid paradox and ambiguity. Get straight to the point. If your topic is about 7 steps to earn money from home, make it clear, and let the audience hear it.
  • Deliver a sense of UrgencySuch talk titles help the audience to take action sooner. This step you can achieve by putting a time frame or deadline in the title, such as – Now, within 10 days, today, next one year.


Include numbers and facts in your talk title

Inclusion of data and numbers in your talk title helps to draw a good amount of attention to the content. Back up the claims, you made in title talk with some concrete numbers and facts with research.

According to an esteemed marketing speaker, our mind is more receptive to numbers. They automatically organize information into a logical form when they see numbers or data in the title.

And there is also a theory which says the incorporation of odd numbers in talk titles are seen more authentic and believable than even numbers.

Psychologically, information associated with an odd number is considered logical and is easy to recall.And ideally, you must write numbers in numerals form instead of words.

Example – 5 steps to write a learning strategy Model for Beginners.


Use a distinctive rationale

This means – an elementary reason why something needs to be done. Give your audience a concrete idea of why they should attend the seminar. Remember, the customer’s mind is very much occupied. You have to use such rationales that persuades the attendees and participants to keep reading the description and know what hacks and secrets they will learn from the interaction. Some of the most helpful rationales to utilize in the title: 

  • Reasons
  • Tips
  • Lessons
  • Tricks
  • Ideas
  • Ways
  • Principles
  • Facts
  • Secrets
  • Strategies


Make a bold promise

Make a big announcement in the title; this interests the reader and influence them to attend the event. What you need to do is to show confidence in the headline, make audacious commitments without over-promising. Be Bold.


Use common words in the title talk 

Dont use complex words in the talk title, use common and more straightforward words to convey the message. If the participants are hungry to gain some knowledge, don’t call them famished. Both words have the same meaning, but the former is more commonly used and has better reach.


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To sum it all, use the given formula to craft an impactful and attention-drawing talk title.

Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise

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