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​Steve Caponigri

​Steve has long worked to improve the performance of those around him. Steve spent 5 years teaching high school science, law, Spanish, and ACT test preparation. 3 days into his second career in sales, Steve showed this by presenting test prep strategies to several onboarding classes in preparation for a state licensure exam. From there, Steve moved into Instructional Design, and completely revamped the sales training using key adult learning principles, including application of the Cognitive Overload Theory. There was some pushback by SMEs who were concerned that the sales agents needed to know everything, but the results spoke for themselves. Consistent knowledge brought fewer compliance issues, and less indecision brought more sales than typical for a new hire. In 2019, Steve launched Innov8 Learning Solutions, a learning consulting and technology firm, to help employees ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to do their job well and to prepare for their career.

Creating Business Results Through Learning

​Founder / CEO

​Innov8 Learning Solutions

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​Less, but Better: Avoiding Cognitive Overload in Learning Design

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Steve Caponigri

Steve Caponigri