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Interactive Webinar Design

Interactive Webinar Design by Dr Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel

​Interactive Webinar Design

A talk by ​Dr Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel

​​Blended Learning Solutions Consultant, http://abasiel.wordpress.com

​Hello, I am Dr. Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel from Queen Mary, University of London. It is my pleasure to share my research and development work in the area of interactive webinars using a variety of instructional designs and technologies such as augmented reality to promote learner engagement and move training from short-term recall to the application of skills and knowledge.The takeaways from this virtual learning event are:    understanding the nature of knowledge in a web-based context or ‘telepistemology’ adding game elements to your instructional design exploring augmented reality Next-generation 360 immersive fishbowl discussion webinar designLearning designers of the future will see a convergence of technology and a synthesis of instructional design. This is why you will want to explore my presentation to prepare you to become a pioneer in curriculum innovation.

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​FlatPack Webinar Design Toolkit (TM)

​This webinar design toolkit is an easy to use guide in creating your interactive webinar experience.

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Interactive Webinar Design

Interactive Webinar Design